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Restaurant grill with a Mediterranean style

Come and enjoy the traditional rustic flavours in our terrace

The best grilled meat and vegetables

Top quality ingredients cooked on coals in our Josper

Ibizan terrace and natural surroundings

You will feel right at home in our cosy terrace

Mediterranean cuisine

Authentic and traditional flavours

Organic market, top quality fresh produce

Fresh fruit and vegetables brought directly from the island’s ecological vegetable gardens

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The Cas Costas Grill restaurant & Organic Market, located at Km 3 on the road from Ibiza to San José is known primarily for its grilled meats and traditional Mediterranean cuisine which is combined with a rustic atmosphere thanks to its ample garden terrace.

Furthermore, Cas Costas is also known for being one of the best restaurants with terrace and grill in Ibiza, it also stands out for being a traditional, rustic Ibizan style restaurant, all in all, a wonderful place; with sofas, low standing tables, porches and abundant vegetation making it an ideal place to share and enjoy a wonderful night out, a stone’s throw from Sant Josep and Playa d’en Bossa. When it comes to the menu, our chefs have taken inspiration from the island in order to transform Cas Costas into a restaurant that is full of traditional and Mediterranean flavours that have deep historic roots in the white isle.

From Monday to Sunday 12:30 – 01:00
Kitchen 13:00 – 23:30

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Sobrasada, goat cheese, caramelized onion, honey and rucula coca bread 11€

Fried padrón peppers with Ibiza’s salt 8€

Cod and spinach sauteed with smoked bacon and pinenuts fritters 9€

Varied sausage from the Island 12€

Ibiza’s red potatoes and almond soup 8€

Grilled octopus with smoked potatoes, avocado, pesto and coriander 20€

Grilled “Carabineros” 15€/100gr.

Grilled garden vegetables with romesco sauce 14€

Grilled goat cheese salad with vanilla carrot cream, Iberian ham and nuts dressing 13€

Mixed salad with vegetables from our garden 12€

Pickled sardins with bean salad 12€

Iberian ham 15€ half and 1 portion 24€

Ibiza’s cheeses board with nuts, honey and homemade jam 15€

Beef veal steak tartar with classic dressing and crispy chips 18€

Main courses

National veal skirt steak 16€

Veal loin steak 25€

Filet mignon with shallot and wine butter 25€

Spanish ribeye steak (mínimum two people, Price per person) 23€

Farm chicken breast with virgin sauce 15€

Boneless farm chicken leg with virgin sauce 14€

“Manchego” Lamb chops 20€

Iberian special cut pork 17€

Grilled piglet from Segovia 23€

T-Bone Steak (mínimum two people) 53€ / Kg.

Lamb shank slow cooked finished at the barbacue 19€

Salt cooked Sea bass (mínimum two people) 53€ / kg.

“Polenta” ( cornflour) with grilled mushrooms, vegetables and Parmesan cheese cream 16€

Quinoa with roasted pisto, rucula, seitan and dried tomato mayonnaise 17€

Side dishes

Potatoes with peppers, red onion and fried garlic 5€

Roast sweet potatoes 4€

Steamed broccoli 5€

Tomatoes, onion, green pepper and garlic salad 6€

Mashed potatoes 4€

Grilled garden vegetables with romesco sauce 7€

Green salad with grilled garden vegetables 6€

Children’s Menu

Beef Burger with french fries 9€

Homemade chicken nuggets with french fries 8€

Neapolitan spaghetti 7€

Grilled chichen with mashed potatoes 9€

Homemade desserts

Broken brownie with grilled strawberries and vanilla ice cream 8€

“Greixonera” (traditional local pudding) with almond ice cream 7€

Cookies with vanilla ice cream and creamy dark chocolate 7€

Baked cheese cake with homemade strawberry jam 7€

Homemade ice creams with toppins (mínimum two people, Price per person) 7€

Roast apple, cream and vanilla ice cream crumble 8€


Bread, alioli and olives 1,2€p/p

Pepper sauce 2,5€

Chimichurri 1.5€

Blue cheese sauce 1.5€

Virgin sauce 1.5€

Béamaise sauce 2€

“From our farm to the table”

The organic garden at Cas Costas


The sun is shining and the breeze carries the smell of earth and fragrant herbs, letting us know we’re in farmland, welcome to the vegetable garden of Cas Costas Grill and Market Restaurant.

This 340m2 patch was created by Nico French and grows all manner of vegetables: courgettes, aubergines, carrots, strawberries, several types of onions and tomatoes, lettuce cucumbers…and an endless selection of aromatic herbs. The story of this little oasis started on the 20th of February of 2017 and has being growing steadily since then, with a view to using as much of their home-made grown produce as possible in the kitchens of this Mediterranean-style restaurant, run by chefs Philippe Ingremeau and Daminán Martínez.

This isn’t just any vegetable garden. Anyone who knows anything about such things would see that at first glance. Why? Because firstly, it is 100% organic, ecological and sustainable.- every detail has been taken into account. Here no pesticides are used, as the plants are planted in such a way as to protect themselves. This is what’s known as a crop association, or essentially a distribution of plants following a logical system, a clear example of it are the aromatic herbs which are planted in the peripherally as a way of protective barrier. Furthermore, it is sustainable because the the compost that nourishes its soil comes is made of the restaurant’s organic leftovers, creating an infinite synergy.

Organic market

Like all good traditional Mediterranean restaurants, the Cas Costas Organic Market is not without seasonal fruit and vegetables that are delivered straight from an ecological vegetable garden on the island. In our market, you will also find a wide variety of gourmet products from the island and delicatessen from around the world. Our organic market also has its own wine bar that will satisfy even the most discerning of pallets.

Opening hours Organic Market from 8.30 to 22.30



The family is one of the most important cornerstone at Cas Costas, this is why, we want both you and your loved ones feel like right at home during your experience at our restaurant. Right next to the parking and the garden we placed a wooden playground for the most little, so while they play, run and jump, the olders just have to care about enjoying the good food and chat peacefully in the interior of our gardened patio.


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 Ctra. San José km 3 (Ibiza)
 (+34) 971 308 755

Opening hours


08:30 – 22:30


from Monday to Sunday: 12:30 – 01:00

Kitchen: 13:00 – 23:30

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Cas Costas Ibiza
Cas Costas Ibiza
Cas Costas Ibiza
Cas Costas Ibiza
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