Eat & Drink

Are you Hungry?​

IN A FEAST OF EXQUISITE FLAVORS, MEAT IS THE STAR PRODUCT. Juicy, tender and full of flavor, it comes in a variety of cuts and preparations that delight the senses. From a succulent grilled steak to a strip of Black Angus ribs, the meat is the center of attention, capturing palates with its irresistible aroma and texture.

However, fresh local produce also shines in this culinary feast. Seasonal vegetables, grown nearby, bring color and nutrients to the table. Juicy and aromatic, picked at their optimum ripeness, they give life to irresistible salads and desserts.

This culinary feast is a tribute to the quality and diversity of local products, where the meat and freshness of the ingredients combine to create an unforgettable gastronomic experience.


AT CAS COSTAS, OUR PASSION FOR QUALITY AND SUSTAINABILITY leads us to a unique approach to food. We have an organic garden on the restaurant’s property, managed by the Sant Josep in transition group. Here, we grow a variety of fresh, organic produce that become the stars of our dishes. From seasonal vegetables to aromatic herbs, our cuisine is nourished by ingredients grown with care and respect for the environment. This not only guarantees authentic flavors, but also a commitment to sustainable agriculture.

"I'm not satisfied with just feeding: I want to create emotions."

Are you thirsty?

OUR BEVERAGE MENU has a wide variety of options to satisfy all tastes. From refreshing exotic cocktails that awaken your senses to smoothies loaded with flavor and vitality. For wine lovers, our selection includes carefully chosen labels, each glass an invitation to explore unique nuances.
Discover perfection in every sip, elevating your experience, and perfectly complementing every meal.

“The only impossible thing is
what you don't try”